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Mallet head of Lucerne, of the S. XV. This hammer bears the name of Lucerne, because many of these weapons of the XV century, forged in Lucerne, Switzerland. Has a head of eight points, apparently, to pierce an armor...
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Spearhead functional model Hewing. The spear is one of the oldest and most important of all the hand guns. The celts, as well as the vikings, they used this type not for throwing, but as a weapon of effective cutting....
Lancer spear that is characterized by its 3-blade design. This type of spears became very popular in the infantry between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. The thickness of the sheets is 5 mm.
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Tip of a short spear with a design viking. The spearheads decorated Hanwei, designed by Paul Chen demonstrate the creative blend of art and war of the vikings, whereby weapons often carried intricate patterns. It is...
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