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Legs medieval chainmail used during the XI-XV centuries. Mesh legs are made entirely by hand of interlocking metal rings and leather straps bear to be adjusted. These pieces completely cover the legs. It includes...
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Medieval legs of chain mail used during the XI-XV centuries. The mesh legs are manufactured entirely by hand from intertwined metal rings and have leather straps to be adjusted. These pieces completely cover the legs....
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Shirt European style of chainmaille. From the celts of 300 to.C. until the EIGHTEENTH century in Asia, the chainmail was one of the most precious items that a warrior could possess. The 'enemy of the swords" probably...
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Chainmail short sleeve for children. The coat has round neck and is adjusted by means of a leather strap. It is manufactured in stainless steel, galvanized. The inside diameter of the rings is 10 mm
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