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William Wallace sword with scabbard. The replica of this sword is based on the film Braveheart. Braveheart is a winning movie five Academy Awards, including the Academy Award for Best Picture, released in 1995. It is...
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Claymore sword with warm functional carbon steel guard and pommel and steel sheet. The Claymore is a big broadsword Scottish origin that was handled with two hands. In the thirteenth century claymore these swords were...
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Sword scottish with a design based on the sword found in the Royal Armouries in England and dating from 1760. This reproduction features a hand grip, made of stainless steel to minimize maintenance and a blade forged...
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Jacobo I (1394 - 1437) King of Scotland, crowned King in 1424 in Scone. After crushing the House of Albano by the machinations that had been with him as a child, reduced the powers of the feudal nobles, ordered the...
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Scottish sword S. XVI. The original sword is found in the Royal Armories in Leeds. The innumerable clans of the highlands used swords of this type. Our Scottish sword design has a metal basket hilt that provides...
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