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Sallet European with a design inspired by the model of the Churches of Witton-Le-Wear. It is a design of western and eastern Europe, this version comes with a visor. It is composed of 2 steel plates, 2 mm, welded...
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Helmet type Sallet of origin Milanese with a design inspired by those used during the FIFTEENTH century in the North of Italy. It is equipped with a visor of bellows and protective neck laminate. Made of two halves...

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Medieval helmet Berthold Sallet riveted and with protection for the neck. Made of 1.2 mm mild steel. thick. Movable visor The interior is covered. Includes chin strap. The Sallet helmet was used with the Gothic armor.
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Medieval helmet Sallet with visor movable, it is a design that is based on the helmet used in Germany in the FIFTEENTH century. The visor is reinforced and shaped to fit well and is comfortable to wear. Is adjusted by...
Sallet medieval archer. Spanish a bacinete on the front, reinforced neck protector fit-and-flare and without a visor, this helmet was chosen by the archers required a vision intact to aim effectively. Is adjusted by...
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