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US Sabres

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Replica of the US war saber with full tenon, 1065 high carbon steel blade and cast brass guard. The knob is lined in black leather with twisted brass wire. The case is made of blackened steel with brass frames....
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Official Sable American Marines manufactured in Toledo, Spain. Stainless steel blade engraved with the words, United States Marines. Grip finished ivory and brass guard. Available in various sizes. It includes metal...
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American NCO saber from 1840 with single-edged corrugated blade. Brass handle and handle with thread. Includes steel sheath. This saber was carried by the American soldiers in the war with Mexico, Civil War and...
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Sword of the American Revolution, French style, year 1700. The handle is made of solid steel with grip of hard wood with carved spiral design that combines with a blade of well tempered high carbon steel 1085. The...
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