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Jack pirate ship. 55 3D puzzle pieces to assemble. Approximate size: 28x26x10 cm <./ P>CAUTION! Not suitable for children under 3 years because of the danger of small-piece choke. Use only under adult supervision.
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What is a miniature?

A miniature is a replica, an object in a smaller size that imitates another one. It is commonly used for decorative purposes, in a hall, an office, a room. Miniatures can be made of many materials; such as, metal or resin, given that métal et la résine, are very hard to brek or deteriorate.

Types of miniatures

In our catalogue there are several miniatures in multiple sizes.

  • Helmets miniatures, either templars or vikings.
  • Shields miniatures, historical shields made of wood. 
  • Warriors' miniatures, made of resin. 
  • Knights' miniatures, made of resin or plastic.
  • Historical characters' miniatures.
  • Greek Gods miniatures.
  • Roman Gods miniatures. 
  • Egyptian Gods miniatures.
  • Sabres miniatures made of metal
  • Swords miniatures made of metal.
  • Katanas miniatures made of metal. 
  • Motorbikes miniatures made of metal.
  • Cars miniatures made of metal.
  • Aeroplanes miniatures made of metal.
  • Letter opners made of metal.

To value a miniature

Some miniatures are really hard to find, that's why collectors classufy them according to the following requirements:

  • Design: A handmade miniature will be more valuable that others which are not. 
  • Finish: Miniature will have to be perfectly made, wo¡ithouth any sing of deterioration.
  • Material: Most tough materials are used, such as, metal or resin, however, noble materails such as bronze, wood are also well considered. 
  • Rarity: An item is very hard to find because its number of units is very low, it normally implies a rise of its price.

Well-known miniatures

Most famous miniatures or the most demanded by collectors are the following ones:

  • Greek Gods miniatures (above all the one of Themis, Justice Goddess, which is always present in lawyers' office).
  • Army sabres miniatures.
  • Ancient toys miniatures.
  • Warriors and Knights miniatures

If you wish to purchase a miniature in order to decorate a room, undoubtedly, we have what you need. We can recommend you the most suitable miniature for no matter what environment you choose. We have an excellente quality/price relation because most of our miniatures are handmade of long-lasting materials. Do you have any further questions?



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