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Capa de lana para mujer, modelo Asidis. Es una capa larga con capucha con una medida total de 131 cms. y un ancho de 231 cms. Se cierra en la parte delantera mediante cordones. Se debe lavar en seco. 
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Blouse medieval ties model Otillia. The sleeves come to the elbows and are adjusted with the laces. It is a blouse made in cotton 100% and it should be machine washable to 30 degrees on gentle cycle.
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Swords for kids

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Viking sword for children. It includes sheath made of wood with decorated motifs. The fist is coated. Espada.- 63 cms long. CAUTION! Not suitable for children under 3 years because of the danger of small-piece choke....

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Gladius wooden sword for training. Manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts® Not only were the wooden swords used by the Gladiators to train, but if he survived the sand and lived long enough to retreat, he was granted a...
Sword latex model Nightmare with internal reinforcement of glass fiber with a diameter of 10 mm The sword is made of EVA foam with a latex coating strong. The total length of the weapon is 100 cms. and is carved and...
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