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Greek Swords


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Sword Falcata typical Iberians and Celts. It is similar to the Greek Kopis and Nepal Khukri sword. This falcata is a replica of 400-300 AC The blade is carbon steel. brassed handle with the figure of a horse. It...

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Spartan sword Leónicas, functional for LARP, role playing live, recreation, etc. Made of strong latex coating. Overall length: 73 cms.

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Sword fantastic Nalandra in its long version and in black color. This sword is the evolution of the art of the ancient swords used in ancient Greece. Perfect for the practice of LARP, and to complement outfits. Is...
The parazonium is a short sword used by Greeks and Romans. Made of carbon steel sheet. Shaped knob-headed eagle carved bone. It includes wooden sheath covered in leather to match the sword. The parazonium used to be...
Sword warrior carrying the Greek Hoplite infantry. Handle made of solid cast brass and polished. Blade made of carbon steel spring EN 45. Includes wooden sheath covered in leather with brass finishes.
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Greek sword with central vein leaf in stainless steel and cuff in black leather. Circular knob and knob carved. Manufactured in Toledo (Spain) by Marto.
Hoplite Sword of Campovalano with sheath of the VI-V century BC Manufactured with carbon steel blade, steel and bone handle and steel knob. Includes leather sheath in leather with metallic finishes. It is a replica of...
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Espartana sword of the 300 film. Sheet of 61 cms. Hand forged with tempered carbon steel blade. Full spike. It is manufactured with traditional solid steel parts. Wooden handle lined in genuine leather. Includes...
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Greek hoplite sword from 5th century BC. Carbon steel blade, steel guard and wooden handle covered in leather. Includes wooden sheath covered in leather. p>
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Spartan Lakonia short sword with blade in high carbon steel and bronze knob. Includes wooden sheath covered in leather. This sword appears in the bookThe Spartan Army. Manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts®
Sword Greek Xiphos. This beautiful reconstruction of a sword hoplita has the form of the sheet-like swords Xiphos-century V-VI. The sheet of steel EN45 untempered has the edges without sharpening. The grip with the...
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Sword Greek Short Troy in latex, 65 cm, light and well-balanced. Handle wrapped in suede. Made of high-quality latex. Ideal for recreacionistas LARP, practitioners, or theatrical performances. Made by Windlass...
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