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This gambesón collar of the Middle Ages is made of 100% cotton.Wash by hand only. Perfect for renaissance fairs and renaissance. This gambesón collar was used from the early Middle Ages until well into the...
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Imperial beige desert gambeson available in size L and XL. p>The imperial gambeson is a padded "jacket" with long sleeves that protects the torso from the neck to the hips in front and behind. The gambeson fits in...
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This Gambesón chocolate brown is made of 100% cotton with polyester lining. Includes a corduroy shirt with padded sleeves and studs and a gambesón sleeveless padded. A gambesón worthy of the outlaw that wore it: Robin...
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Gambesón medieval Lions model Baron. This thick gambesón collar is made of cotton. This design was used in the Holy Land, Jerusalem, and is quartered in off white and blood red with two lions rampant on the chest. Can...
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Gambesón medieval model, Mordred. This noble Gambesón two-piece cotton-includes a shirt with padded sleeves with thumb tacks and a gambesón sleeveless matching decorated also with studs. Both pieces are in gray....
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Gambesón medieval English. This Gambeson English is a perfect combination of comfort, protection and style. Manufactured with a cotton fabric. Can be worn alone or in conjunction with any set of time. It is divided...
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Jacket arm type gambesón. The jackets put together were a dress extremely common in the medieval warrior of the XIV and XV centuries. A shorter form of gambesón, could be used both over a shirt of mesh as below. They...
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Gambesón Goalkeeper with a design inspired by the models used in the late FOURTEENTH century and early FIFTEENTH century. Our gambesones are made with a cotton lining the 100%. Are padded with layers of wool blankets....
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Subarmalis roman without sleeves (I-V century). The subarmalis was the protection they wore under the armor roman warriors and is a compound word for 'sub' and 'armalis': 'under the armour'. Hand-made in linen, rigid,...
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