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    gambeson medieval padded black and closed in the front with buckles.

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    gambeson medieval cordoned simple cut in the chest. Color cream.

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    Imperial beige desert gambeson available in size L and XL. The imperial gambeson is a "jacket" padded long sleeves that protect the torso from neck to hip in front and behind. The front gambeson fits through cotton straps. The sleeves can be removed easily undoing the laces.

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    medieval gambeson is a quilted doublet worn under the armor for convenience. Its padded structure reinforced shock protection. It also served to protect the body from infections that could create chafing metal parts of armor. INCLUYE.- Gambeson. NO INCLUYE.- helmet, sword, pants.

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    Gambeson medieval ideal for new practitioners. One size. With ventilation holes in armpits. chest measurement:Maximum 100 cms.

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    gambeson medieval padded top. Open cotton lace on the sides. Made of cotton with polyester fill.

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    Gambeson cordoned available in several colors. The gambeson covers the body and legs and worn under the lorigón to protect the body from infections that could create chafing metal parts. Its quilted structure also served to withstand the blows of the opponent, of which the flexibility of the mesh did not protect. Sometimes the leather breastplate gambeson...

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