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  • Medieval Bags

    Medieval Bags

    <p>Medieval bags and bags and templar to wear hanging on the belt made of real leather. </p>
  • Celtic bags

    Celtic bags

    <p>Bags and bags Celtas to wear hanging on the belt made of real leather.</p>
  • Viking Bags

    Viking Bags

    <p>Viking bags to wear hanging on the belt made of real leather. </p>
  • Waist bags

    Waist bags

    <p>Medial waistbands that include the bag and belt. Manufactured in natural leather. Ideal for recreationalists.</p>
  • Canteens


    <p>Medieval and vintage canteens ideal for recreationalists. p&gt;</p>
  • Backpacks


    <p>Medieval and vintage backpacks made of genuine natural leather. </p>
  • Bags for Swords

    Bags for Swords

    <p>Bags for carrying swords and katanas. Ideal for recreationalists who have to attend events.</p>
  • Bags Game of Thrones

    Bags Game of Thrones

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Bag designed to easily carry several swords. Made of black cotton and with a self-adjusting belt made up of 2 pieces of reinforced leather that can be adjusted to carry it in the form of a shoulder strap as you can...

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Jonas medieval bag of 25x30 cms. made in cotton, ideal for carrying in historical recreations. Available in various colors. It is based on the sack of medieval misery. Strap: 147 cms.
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Leather case available in 2 colors, designed to carry refreshments without worry. The sheath can be hung to the belt with the aid of a V-shaped support sheath includes an aluminum container of 600 ml.

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Bag Hanwei brand to carry up to 3 straight blade swords that have a long less than 127 cms.Made of tough nylon with reinforced leather. It has two compartments in the interior as well as another one in the exterior to...

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Celta de hand crafted bag made of aged brown suede belt with cover and 3 mm thick skin. trisquel and decorated with a buckle. Tamaño.- 20x20 cms. Suitable to be placed in any type of belt. Article crafted using the...

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Bag medieval model Juna made of wool. Available in grey and dark brown. Materials used:Filter wool: 74%Políester: 15%Polyamides: 7%Natural fibres: 4%
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This medieval stock exchange, also known as the bag of a pilgrim or a bag of bread, it is made of cotton canvas resistant and can be used as one shoulder bag or as a simple shoulder bag. The bag has a cord sewn with...

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Handmade bag made of brown suede belt with cover and different skin, average capacity of 20 x 20 centimeters, very practical and nice to supplement medieval costume or just to wear something out of the ordinary, and...
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medieval bag to hang on belt. Handmade made split leather on the bellows and central strip in thick skin of a Black 3mm, medium capacity, measuring approximately 15 cm. wide x 25 cm. High overall. Convenient to...
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Medieval leather case thermos, available in 2 colors.The cover includes a thermos of 1000 ml., Multipurpose and made of steel. The thermos has a special design to suit the medieval entrono.
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Bag medieval warrior. It is a leather bag designed to hang from a belt. The bag can be closed with two leather straps resistant, secured with buckles of brass. The bag is equipped with long leather straps under the...
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