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Functional armour

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Lorica segmentata manufactured in 18G steel with cast bronze details. The segmentata lorica is the name given to the armor worn by the Roman legionaries during their time of splendor (1st century BC-3rd century AD)....
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mature serrajer made leather. Ability to couple it pads. Length light armor made of split leather. Elegant ideal for scouts, or warriors lightweight design. It is adjusted by lacing on the front and sides for optimum...
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Armor made of leather about 3.5 mm thick. A piece that combines the protection of armor but with the convenience of a fur, for girls warrior. Ability to couple it pads. It is done in light brown, dark brown, red and...
Balthasar full breastplate composed of two pieces connected by leather straps that allow adjusting the armor. The chest part is composed of several layers of metal edged. The back is rigid and decorated with trim. The...
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Caudillo armor made by hand in leather with a thickness of 3.5 mm. It is a medieval armor for the entire torso and is adjustable by straps. Available in various colors and sizes. If you want another color or if you...
Full armor for the amazon model Lena manufactured in carbon steel with a thickness of 1.2 mm The armor is a size S/M which corresponds to a bra size to cup B. The parts are joined together and adjusted by leather...
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Light Armor model Elbin leather handcrafted in suede. It is a lightweight full body armor with elgante ideal for explorers and warriors design. It is adjusted by lacing on the front and sides. Available in various...
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Brigantina's medieval set Fafnir. The metal parts are manufactured in carbon steel with a thickness of 1.2 mm and come trimmed. It is a armor very comfortable and that you can put on and take off very fast. The...
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Armor for the noble warrior. The breastplate medieval Epic Armoury is a beautiful armor of fantasy that protects the front and back. The armor rests on the waist and is sculpted to fit the body. This piece riveted...
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Avatar Armor adjustable by straps made of thick leather and 3.5mm. Suitable for people of 170-195 cm. high.Sizes: 95-110 cms. chestSize M: 110-120 cms. chestSize L: 120-130 cms. chest
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