Cota medieval mesh

The best accessory for medieval costumes. The weight of the chainmail iron is about 25 Kg. Another variety is the aluminum chain mail weighing less. For waists up to 134 cms.

Chain referred to the metal shield ring consists of cast iron or steel, arranged so that each ring is threaded at least four other forming a fabric. This name is a literal adaptation of the French cotte of maille rings meaning tunic. In Castilian is also commonly known as a breastplate.

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  • Iron
  • Aluminum

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This mesh was made from the form of long shirts featuring high resistance to cuts and was possibly invented by the Celts in the V century. C. and used by the Romans, throughout the Middle Ages and until the sixteenth century.

Although offered great resistance to cuts, it was vulnerable to weapons of tips as thin arrows, except rings riveted. This protection has been used even in the twentieth century as a defense against metal fragments jumping for impacts inside the tanks in World War II.

When commissioning is not carried, used to curl on itself (like a blind) to put in a bag and carry it more comfortably.

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